Push Over Cellular scenario homologated in Lawful interception solution

Condor Technologies upgraded its Lawful Interception Mediation solution deployed in Telecom Argentina with support for the PTX platform provided by Kodiak.

This new PTX platform comes to replace a legacy IDEN based PTT (Push to Talk) service with an expanded multimedia offering and is provided by Kodiak as a Cloud based solution.  The new service needed to comply with Argentinean regulations and had to support lawful interception.

The LI mediator by Condor Technologies provides standardized interfaces to manage  interventions, handle the media and metadata from different sources of the Carrier and is able to perform the handover towards the local Lawful Enforced Agency (LEA). 

The solution was already integrated to Telecom’s SIP core handling its VoIP network and is compliant with ETSI and 3GPP standards since 2015. The new expansion is also in compliance with CALEA standards and is integrated with Telecom’s mobile network from where the PTT service is provided.

The solution is prepared to deliver the information to a gubernamental agency via SIP trunks although for this particular scenario a legacy TDM connection was used due to technological limitations of the existing infrastructure of the LEA.

The deployed architecture provides enhanced interventions management including retransmissions, synchronizations and alarms provided to the Operator’s legal area. 

This project represents a milestone for Kodiak as well as it represents the first integration in the world of its cloud based PTT service with a Legal Interception solution.

The homologation process of the Kodiak and Condor solutions implied that the LI mediator had to control two remote geo-redundant instances of the Kodiak solution through VPN connections based on IP interactive interfaces.

With this project Condor Technologies not only  consolidates a successful relationship of more than 10 years with Telecom Argentina but also opens the door to a new and promising partnership with Kodiak, a world leader in broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solutions.

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