WITSA World Congress on IT in Yerevan

Alberto Patrón was in Yerevan, Armenia where WCIT 2019, the latest congress of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), was held.

CEOs and investors, policymakers and government officials, academics and technologists gathered in this annual event to discuss the state of the industry, where it is headed and what it means for our future

The 23ʳᵈ World Congress on IT featured discussions related to the evolution of the Digital Age. It included sessions on topics ranging from artificial intelligence, virtual reality, smart cities to cybersecurity, climate change, and more. This year’s theme was the Power of Decentralization: Promise and Peril. Experts explored how information and communications technology is transforming our lives for better and for worse, including its impact on profits and prosperity, safety and security, democracy and humanity. This year’s Congress offered a space for one of the most comprehensive discussions on technology and its effects on society in the WCIT’s 40-year history.

“I expected to listen to CEOs, entrepreneurs and VCs and  hear a lot about technology trends, startups and successful IPOs. On the contrary, most of the talks focused on the human perspective and the impact of technology while the panels included sociologists, educators, lawyers, etymologists and philosophers” said Patron.

Condor Technologies CEO went up the stage with other WITSA officials to close the congress and announce that next year’s congress will be held in Penang, Malasya.

Patron expressed “I left with lots of interesting questions: this new digital future is a blessing or a curse? We hear a lot lately that data is the new oil. Is that good? Oil has been good? How do we balance the promise versus the peril of this new digital age? The good news: It is up to us.”

Condor Technologies’s CEO was appointed by the Argentine Chamber of Software (CESSI) to represent Latin America in WITSA’s Board of Directors. The 2019 BoD meeting was held in Yerevan just before the congress on October 6th.

About Condor Technologies

Condor Technologies is a global innovation company  that has been chosen by leading Service Providers in more than 15 countries across 3 continents

It designs, builds, delivers and supports software based core, edge, regulatory and VAS telecommunication solutions as well as Cloud-native real time applications based on microservices architecture.

A broad portfolio that ranges from VAS services like Hosted PBX, Voicemail and Gateways to Legal Interception and Number Portability is complemented with R&D capabilities. This enables to co-create new solutions or adapt existing ones to comply with regulatory or operator-specific requirements. For more information, please visit www.condortech.com.ar.

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