Policy Platform NFV certified for VMWare TELCO Cloud

Condor Technologies announced that its Policy Platform has been validated as  a VMware Ready for Telco Cloud Certified Solution.  The platform provides a way to handle network policies and set them on the necessary elements and has the ability to be able to work for both IMS and legacy networks. 

When acting in the IMS domain as a Policy and Charging Rules Function ( PCRF ) it can terminate the Rx interface from the P-CSCF. When acting as a PacketCable Policy Server (PS) or Gate Controller ( GC ) it can control the Gates on the CMTSs on the network.

The solution supports multiple protocols going from Diameter to COPS and provides several features including:

  • Multi Tenant/Multi Network solution capable of working with multiple networks including support for IP overlapping among the different tenants
  • SNMP-based alarms.
  • Overload protection.
  • Integration to multiple CMTS models
  • Support for Packet Cable 1.x and 2.x users towards the Cable network
  • IPv4 & IPv6 support
  • Reports & Statistics capabilities
  • Provides support for standard Gx interface towards the IMS core
  • Dynamic Quality of Service (COPS) PC1.5 and PCMM supported.
  • Full IMS integration.
  • Scalable architecture from single site to large multi-site deployments including local and geo redundancy with session failover between sites.
  • Can work isolated as Policy Server or in conjunction with an external PCRF to provide mediation to PCMM network using the Diameter Rx and Gx interfaces.

The solution was built on top of Condor Technologies TELCO platform, a Cloud Native infrastructure which supports most of the latest products released by the company.

This VMWare ready certification indicates that the solution is a VNF ready for deployment and lifecycle operations through VMware Telco Cloud Automation.

Use cases include:

  • deployment on a modern IMS infrastructure
  • replacement of out of date or end of life GC or PS products
  • gate management of PC1.x, PCMM and PC2.0 call scenarios
  • gate management for data-based use cases as temporary bandwidth increases or decreases, manage specific bandwidth requirements for applications including but not limited to gaming and streaming.

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