Do you like innovation, working in different projects for leading customers all over the world and being part of an extraordinary team?


An initiative driven by Condor Management to assure the well-being of its employees.

The Microclimate program recognizes that as a corporation we have a primary impact on the workplace conditions and overall satisfaction of the people that make Condor.  We have assigned a responsible within the organization, a budget, an annual plan, status assessment milestones, KPIs and even a visual identity.

We identified areas on both the personal and professional dimensions:


We encourage healthy habits that go from providing fruit and healthy snacks to activities that involve our body.


We promote experiences where our people can exchange books, attend a movie or be part of a competition.


Self Fullfilment

We look forward to opportunities to leave a mark in the world either through products with social impact or by collaborating with NGOs.


We understand the importance of feedback and recognition and have them rooted into our processes.


We offer the type of benefits that are appreciated by our employees and periodically update them.



We recognize the importance of the ecosystem where we develop our work and engage in activities to mitigate the impact on the environment.


Open positions

Want to become part of our company? Apply to one of the job postings below:
Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Back End Developer San Isidro, BA D&D 25 July, 2022
Telecommunication Engineer San Isidro, BA Servicio al cliente 25 July, 2022

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