Cloud SaaS Providers & Enterprises

Our Carrier Grade solutions and expertise combined with Cloud Native developments to allow Enterprises achieve their communication goals.

Building up on our experience and track record gained with Communication Service Providers we unveiled a line of solutions for Cloud SaaS Providers and Enterprises that require a similar level of robustness, flexibility and security on their applications.

Enterprise Communications

Full set of solutions to address the communication needs of traditional Companies Call Centers and SaaS providers including our Compact Voice Solution, Cloud SBC as well as WebRTC applications that can leverage B2C communications.

Custom Real Time Solutions

Through our R&D labs we can develop custom solutions that require our real time applications knowledge and capabilities.

IoT applications

Our framework and experience with real time applications for CSPs combined with our capabilities on managing large volumes of data in high availability environments are the foundation of our IoT offering. We can help you create solutions for the vertical you are interested.