VAS & Core

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking provides Business Customers a secure method of interconnecting via IP. Our solutions provides a flexible management tool so that Service Provider and the Companies can setup and configure their available bandwidth according to their necessities.


Our next generation voicemail offers on top of the traditional TUI new interfaces like Visual voicemail and web portal to enhance the User Experience.

WebRTC apps

Our WebRTC Application server provides a way to deliver exciting new services, like Web Click to Call, and integrate them to an IMS core.

Telephony Application Server

The Telephony Application Server is a standards-based and highly-scalable platform, that delivers a comprehensive set of traditional and advanced call services to IP and legacy networks.

Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing solution that allows businesses to manage their own in-house conferencing services while simplifying the end-user experience. The audio conferencing solution removes the complexity and usage limitations associated with traditional hosted conferencing services, allowing any employee to set up a conference bridge in seconds.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX services extend your enterprise customers access to compelling services, powerful applications and intuitive user interfaces that will set you apart from the competition, while making PBX services easier for you to deploy and manage than ever before.

MRF/Media Server

The Media Resource Function (MRF) provides audio and video for high density applications like network announcement, transcoding, video sharing, conferencing, etc. The MRF is fully 3GPP compliant and interfaces with any 3rd party IMS core.

Call Admission Control

Our Call Admission Control solution offers multiple classes of customizable prepaid services, Real-time rating engine with support for third party call control and Diameter can be deployed in a distributed and redundant configuration, providing scalability, reliability and security.


Network IVR is a powerful, carrier-grade IVR, designed to enable the rapid development of new revenue-generating voice and video services by communication service providers.

Cloud Native SBC

Our new Cloud Native SBC can be deployed in private or public clouds and alllows CSPs or Enteprise Customers to have a secure control of their connections.

Policy Platform

The Policy Platform provides a way to handle network policies and enforce them on the necessary elements from both IMS and legacy networks.

SIP Load Balancer

The SIP Load Balancer solution allows to balance SIP traffic between a set of elements (SBCs, proxies, Application Servers, etc.) to increase the network scalability.

Edge Taffic Shaper

Network capacity can be threatened by traffic spikes generated by Call Centers call bursts. Traditional measures like rejecting calls will preserve the Operator’s network but degrade the service provided to Call Centers. The Edge Traffic Shaper (ETS) allows to queue incoming calls from Call Centers and deliver them to the network at a predefined pace flattening the spikes.

ANI Changer

Some telephony services (i.e Call Centers) require to replace the ANI number associated to outgoing calls in order be able to segregate the traffic, differentiate services or to get better ASR by using a calling number that is perceived as local by the recipient. The ANI Change solution allows to handle this situations with flexible calling number replacement rules and strategies.

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