Regulatory services

Emergency services

Our solution allows to deal with emergency services calls with non-geographic dialing support (i.e. 911) and metadata management as well as plugins to comply with local variants.

Lawful Interception Mediator

A convergent Lawful Interception solution for all voice and data networks, which gives operators freedom from dependence upon proprietary network equipment and solutions and allows to comply with the interception requests from Law Enforcement Agencies.

Number Portability

Implements the number portability translation from a SIP perspective by consulting a internal or external database.

Numbering plan adaptations

Enables operators to conveniently modify call data parameters as required by local regulations or service interoperability.

Call Collect

Allows called party to be charged for the call. Along with Call Collect Restriction Service, enables the Operator to build and maintain a list of destinations that do not want to be called in reverse charge mode.

Emergency Notifications

Allows users to publish a public message that can be retrieved by its callers  in the context of a national disaster (earthquake, floods, etc.) when the user might become unreachable because of network malfunction.

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