Software design

Driving innovation together with our customers.

One of the biggest challenges that Service Providers face is how to stay relevant within ever-changing markets. We are committed to listening, embracing and delivering our customer’s requirements. Co-creation for us is not just another fancy marketing tactic but a real tool to jointly create value.

Embracing the cloud

When use proprietary hardware was the norm and a means to anchor customers, Condor was already going for an off-the-shelf hardware approach. Later on we were early adopters of the use of virtualized servers even before NFV was a widely used term in the market. Right now we are fully involved with technologies that can take advantage of public or private Cloud infrastructure.

Our R&D engineers are fully competent on these new trends in software development approaches with vast experience in microservices architecture implementations that allow our solutions to have elasticity and high availability, have better fault isolation and be deployed in containers like Dockers.

We have established powerful technical partnerships with industry leaders on the Cloud landscape in order to get early access to innovations that we can use to enhance our solutions.

What we do

Align requirements and expectations.

Adapt solutions to comply with local regulations.

Address differentiated services that bring real value to customers.

Generate customer focus innovation by addressing specific needs.

Accelerate and prioritize Condor roadmap.

Support different business models.

3rd party API integration

In the wake of the current trend of open APIs that are being published by Platforms like Google, IBM or Amazon as well as niche players every day the potential to create new services taking advantage of existing capabilities is enormous.

Condor has experience in working with these APIs allowing to use exciting features like Voice recognition, AI, Big data, bots and combining them with our deep telecommunications know how in order to create innovative services for both CSPs and Enterprises.

What sets us apart

We provide a single point of contact for all application design and development needs. We’re backed by Condor Technologies’s reputation for quality, speed and reliability. We bring to the table not just our programming capabilities but first and foremost our deep understanding of the Telecom world and our experience in heterogeneous networks around the world.

  • Exclusive focus in telecommunications projects
  • ISO certified processes
  • Specialized know how (VoIP/Telco networks, protocols, architectures)
  • Team members with 10+ years in the field
  • Designs compliant with mandatory TELCO requirements such as High availability, performance and scalability
  • Rigorous Project Management aligned with complex implementations
  • Solid and field proven building blocks
  • Inhouse developed protocol stacks (SIP, Diameter, etc.)
  • Cloud native developments based in microservices as well as traditional architectures

Case studies

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