Services providers

For more than 15 years we have been helping Fixed and Mobile Operators as well as Cable Providers and Wholesale Carriers achieve what they need.

We have a broad offering for Carriers that go from green field SIP native deployments to fixed-mobile convergence and PSTN/PMLN evolution as well as tailored solutions to address specific needs.

Network Convergence

With IP-based services and a fully converged network to carry them, customers no longer have to associate specific applications with specific devices or network connections. A full range of information and content is accessible via a single device, and the network can deliver it over the best available connection at a given place and time.

The IMS architecture with is clearly defined layers has allowed to define applications that become independent of the access technology where the same solution can be given to Subscribers from VoLTE, VoWiFi or even fixed access. Condor Technologies can provide several solutions for this converged scenario including Telephony Application Server (TAS) to provide Value Added Services or Media Servers.

Enterprise Communications

One of the biggest challenges for CSP is the need to offer attractive solutions for Enterprises that go beyond what traditional PBXs offered. Besides lower capital investment, predictable costs based on usage, protection against technology obsolescence and freedom to focus on core business the key differential here must be productivity. Within Condor portfolio we have several products such as Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Audio Conferencing, Voicemail, Dialers or Auto Attendant as well as WebRTC integrations that can isolated or as part of a combo can help companies leverage their communication capabilities.

Consumer Communications

With voice communications becoming a commodity and CSP’s in need of finding new ways to deliver services that they can monetize we have solutions that addresses both fixed and mobile networks, support Fixed Mobile Convergence and offers a smooth evolution to IMS while also serving legacy subscribers.

Within this realm we have products that range from Telephony Application Server, Voicemail and Visual Voicemail and Sponsored Call.

Call Completion

In this competitive market climate and decreasing ARPU, operators must seek a comprehensive call completion strategy that provides maximize opportunity for revenue enhancement.There are a wide variety of techniques available to help increase both the number and percentage of calls completed, from both the calling party and called party direction. Our Call Completion solutions address services like Missing Call Notification, Call Collect and Voicemail.

Regulatory Services

Service providers and network operators are faced with the need to comply with requirements defined by National Regulation Authorities that address issues related to QoS, competition and interworking, national security, public safety and time-critical responsiveness in the case of emergency situations.

Our solutions are already supporting different national specific requirements for regulatory requirements including Number Portability, Number Manipulation, Lawful Interception and Data Retention.

Management Systems

Our Management System solution is a tightly integrated set of sub functions that together allow operators to maintain and manage their networks effectively and efficiently.

In addition to our standard offering we have the capacity to develop and deploy Custom TELCO solutions.


Even if the Telecom world has been moving towards an Open Standards ecosystem, CSPs usually face needs related to country specific regulations, particular marketing requests or issues related to their specific multi-vendor network infrastructure, that are not addressed by standard products.

Condor’s Approach

Condor’s main value proposition is our flexibility to solve customer’s needs. We designed our products in a tiered and distributed approach that allows us to add customization layers or additional modules to address new requirements. We can do so with speed and reliability by taking advantage of our robust and field proven building blocks.

Key examples
  • Numbering portability compliant with local regulations
  • Number plan migration services
  • Legacy PSTN service migration to IMS
  • QoS reporting to comply with Regulations
  • Legacy Payphone control from IMS
  • Sponsored Calls Service
  • Device Provisioning
  • Provisioning adaptation
  • Legacy Switch Management
  • Protocol Adapters & Connectors
  • Interworking function nodes
  • O&M Consolidation