Delivery services

Condor Technologies Delivery Services is a comprehensive services practice designed to assure that our products are correctly deployed an integrated in your network.

We offer a team of specialists with vast experience in different kinds of technologies and scenarios to guarantee a successful delivery.

VNF Onboarding

Service Providers are adopting Virtual Network Function (VNF) to reap key benefits like accelerated service realization, reduced time to market, easier scalability and cost effective centralized network monitoring. Condor Technologies developed a standards-based approach that automates the onboarding process of new VNFs and minimizes its complexity.

We are proficient in delivering Condor’s Cloud Native Designed VNFs but also have experience of onboarding many different types of VNFs from numerous vendors. Condor labs have different Cloud environments testbeds that allow us to validate the integration of VNFs with different orchestrators, VIMs and VNF Managers before commiting to the actual onboarding on the CSP network. Our Onboarding process includes detailed steps for the onboarding, instantiation, configuration, scaling, healing and upgrade activities.

Solution deployment

Backed by years of experience on leading operators in the world and the continuous refinement of its delivery processes Condor Solution deployment service is a comprehensive suite of definition, deployment & follow up practises. Involving both Condor resources and Customer referents it helps customers integrate Condor solutions into a customer’s existing network infrastructure.

Deployment services includes complete Project Management and ranges from early-stage development of a detailed implementation/project plan through to integration testing and first production instance support.

System Integration

We understand that most use cases depart from a green field deployment and involve the integration of multi-vendor network technologies and management suites. With the help of processes, field-hardened tools, scripts, and MOPs we provide end-to-end integration services throughout the life of the project, from network design and planning to deployment, integration and post implementation support.

Our extensive investment in global integration lab facilities means that your solution is thoroughly tested and proven before it is deployed.

Network Evolution

We have deep expertise of heterogeneous network topologies with more than 15 years of working in IP-based networks being NGN or IMS architectures and scenarios that range from full-IP to Voice over Broadband, VoLTE or VoWifi.

We recognize the existing investment in legacy solutions that in many cases need to co-exist or be evolved in phases. We engage in the upgrade of existing solutions, the replacement of outdated platforms and the migration to virtualized or cloud environment of services preserving the Customer’s existing investment an respecting their evolution strategies.