Automated Line TestingTelecom

Telecom Argentina is the mother company of a leading telecommunications group that is engaged in providing fixed-line public telecommunication services, mobile voice and data services, long-distance services, data transmission and Internet in Argentina.


Telecom had an heterogeneous set of fixed exchanges providing services to their customers. Field personnel that had to repair lines needed to have a way to test the lines while they were on the field.


Condor used its IVR system, which was already integrated to Telecom NGN network, and created a custom application that was able to receive calls from the field personnel and present them a set of options to test an individual line. A custom interface was created to impact those test requests into the actual fixed exchanges that hosted the subscriber line to be tested.


The solution was successfully deployed and in addition to the actual service Telecom had available a Web Portal with useful statistics about the usage of the testing service.

The solution was defined, implemented, tested and deployed in less than two months allowing Maxcom to be in compliance with the new regulation.

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