Working with Condor

We understand the importance of quality, we are committed to customer satisfaction and we still get thrilled with innovations and technical challenges. But above all we care about people.

Whether you need to find new revenue sources for your company, are responsible  for operating a complex network or are in charge of integrating new solutions in Condor you will find an ally.We listen, think approaches together with you and get involved in the solution.


Our difference

We knew from the start that technical proficiency was not enough. Behind all the specifications and requirements stands real people for which our products and services are only a mean to fulfil a deeper need. In that realm is were we want to make a difference.


Management Team


We help Service Providers comply with regulatory services and launch initiatives that because of scale or complexity would not be viable otherwise.


Our established portfolio with strong market references combined with our R&D centres provide us with extreme flexibility to engage in projects that require technical expertise and fast and reliable customization capabilities.

Marketing Team


We understand how unpredictable markets are, the enormous risk involved in launching new products and the need for speed on a world where trends and opportunities came an go.


We adapt our products or co-create new solutions by working with our customers ́ marketing and technical teams. We offer flexible business models and have the ability to perform fast deployments to capture opportunities  or small Proofs of Concept to validate the market.

Engineering Team


We embrace Open Standards but we acknowledge nonetheless that with the complexity and variety of today’s networks integrating a new solution to an existing environment is a tremendous challenge and a big concern for the Engineering departments.


We designed our products to be both compliant with Industry Standards, but highly flexible and configurable, in order to cope with the challenges that surface during network integration with 3rd parties. Our commitment is to provide a fully integrated solution.

Operation Team


We understand the challenge for a Service Provider to manage a network with multiple elements and vendors and the need to receive accurate assistance when needed.


We provide multiple standar O&M interfaces to manage our solutions or easily integrate to external systems. We have a 24×7 support team that can provide reliable support in your native language.

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